Salt - Crystal Sea Marine Mix Formulation (150 Gallon)

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A unique formulation containing all essential major, minor and trace elements necessary to support even the most delicate fish, coral and invertebrate life.


  • Maintains all species of marine life
  • Duplicates natural seawater
  • Dry, crystalline blend
  • Dissolves and clears rapidly
  • Produces full strength saltwater @ 35ppt salinity
  • Adjusts pH to 8.3
  • Does not contain phosphate, nitrates, silicates, ammonia or EDTA
  • Convenient sealed poly bag(s) inside study easy to lift carton
  • U.S> EPA referenced for bioassay research testing since 1988
  • Manufactured with the strictest quality control...Made in the U.S.A. for over 50 years!